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Remarkable Ubud Tourist Spots to Visit with Private Tours

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It is clear that Bali, an island with numerous wonders located in Indonesia, has so many beautiful places to visit. One of the areas in the island perfect for holiday is Ubud. Ubud is located on the areas of field rice, forestry, river, ravine, and more. You can just imagine how magnificent the landscape there is. Meanwhile, this area is also well-known for art and culture. Most of the local people build up their own business related to arts and cultures. Many of them are artists while the others are owners of handicraft shops.

Sure, the accommodations are really complete here starting from the luxury hotels, affordable inns, transportation, and more. So, are you interested to go there? You can enjoy the best private Ubud tours explained below.

What You Will Do

The private tours, in general, are conducted in 2 ways; they are the luxurious and affordable ones. The places to visit are actually the same but the classes of accommodation that are different. For the luxurious package, you may spend the night in the five-star hotel with all the first-class facilities. Meanwhile, if you are choosing the affordable one, a simple inn is the best choice. Then, after waking up in the morning, start the trip by visiting some stunning spots in Ubud. What are they?

· Tegenungan Waterfall

For you who love the natural landscape, you should not miss out this moment. It is regarding the Tegenungan waterfall with a total height of around 15 meters but the water debet is quite plenty. It is suggested to visit this waterfall during the summer or dry season. In the rainy season, the debit is more and, of course, the area is getting more slippery.

What makes the getaway here really interesting is regarding the clear water along the river. There is a small area like a pool where you can just bath or simply splash here. The landscape around is undeniably scenic and a beautiful small temple can be seen from the distance.

· Terracing Field of Ubud

The terracing field of Ubud has attracted many tourists from all around the world. Sure, it is regarding a wide outlay of green paddy rice area with unique stacks. The stacks themselves are unique characteristics farming methods in Asia. Meanwhile, the terracing system in Ubud is more unique with the slope level of around 40 degrees.

Of course, this is not only a place to see the scenery; you can go to some cafes and restaurants there that are located in the middle of the field. While enjoying the breeze, local foods and beverages can also be tasted.

· Ubud Palace

Next, learn more about the history of Ubud by visiting the Palace of Ubud. In the past, this palace is the center of government and cultures. Until now, the original architecture is still maintained well along with the Balinese engraved ornaments.

Entering the gate of Paduraksa Istana Puri Saren, you can see the luxury of the wall made from red bricks. Some statues stand up around the gate to add the artistic touch. Meanwhile, those ornaments and statues represent certain philosophies that are still believed by many Balinese people.

Enjoying the beauty of Ubud Palace seems not complete without enjoying the traditional dance shows. The shows themselves are various including Legong Dance Mahabharata, Ramayana Ballet Show, Legong and Barong Show, Barong and Keris Show, and more. If you only want to watch a specific dance or show, make sure to see the schedule first.

· Art Market of Ubud

In front of the palace, you can go to the art market of Ubud. This market is popular for many reasons. First, it is basically a symbol of trade and economy of Bali in the past. It is reasonable anyway if the market becomes the biggest art and souvenir market in Bali.

Second, the products offered are considered cheap and various starting from the traditional clothes, souvenirs, toys, and more. Third, the market is getting more popular since a Hollywood movie, Eat, Pray, Love starred by Julia Roberts, uses this market as one of the settings.

· Coffee Plantation

From the palace and market, there is one more plantation area to enjoy aside from the terracing paddy rice field, it is the coffee plantation. Sure, the scenery offered is also really magnificent along with the cool breeze. Besides, enjoy also the typical coffee of Indonesia, known as the Luwak Coffee.

Luwak means mongoose, a type of animals used by the producers to improve the taste of the coffee. How is it? The mongooses are farmed and they are feed by the coffee seeds. The seeds remaining are still whole or undamaged even after they are disposed along with the feces. It is just the taste is more delicious. The seeds are then washed, cleaned, and then processed into a really delicious beverage.

· Bali Bird Park

If you are going to Ubud along with the children, some other spots below really need to visit. One of them is Bali Bird Park located in Gianyar, Ubud, Bali. This park provides more than 1,000 birds from around 250 species. Most of the species are Indonesian and tropical endemic including the bird of paradise, cassowary, dove, pelican, crane, cockatoo, and others.

Besides, there are also many other species coming from the areas of Africa and South America. Despite the birds, enjoy also over 2,000 species of tropical plants. Interestingly, it is possible to take pictures with them.


You probably cannot visit all the places mentioned above only in a day. But you should not worry, when you have registered yourself in a tour agency, the schedule has been provided; all you need to do is following it. Finally, enjoy the best private Ubud tours.

· Adult 12 - 70 years       : $65 per pax ( 2 - 4 people per booking )

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                                         : $31 per pax ( 9 - 15 people per booking )

· Kids 2 - 11 years          : $39 per pax 

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