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Bali’s Private Tour – Challenging Activities to Do Around Ubud, Bali

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Bali is one of the most popular destinations on Earth. Either it is the sunny tropical beaches, exotic temples, green hills and rice fields, modern lifestyles among the traditional cultures, or beautiful paintings, just mention it and Bali will provide them all for you. The island offers various interesting things to do for the tourists. Just follow this private tour and arrange yourself how your holiday in Bali will be.

What will Do

If you are bored with the usual thing you do in your previous holidays, it might come the time for you to do something different and more challenging. Bali will provide you with limitless choices so you can have different holiday experiences ver! To help you narrow your choice about the challenging activities you should do during your holiday in Bali, here are some tourists spots you can try to visit and find great things to do there.

· Ayung Ubud River

For the first destination, you can choose to go to Ayung Ubud River. This is one of the best places in Bali for rafting. With 63 km in length, rocks, and challenging river flows, you can enjoy thrilled rafting experience. The river has become a favorite tourist destination for rafting for a long time. The former US president, Barack Obama, has ever tried the thrilling flows of the river. To make sure the tourists’ safety, there will be a professional guide that will accompany them during the rafting.

How Interesting Is the Rafting?

During the rafting activity, you will be taken to explore a track of 13 km length. Ayung Ubud River has a steady stream of water throughout the year. This is something that rafting lovers hope to find on their rafting sites. You will be impressed by the atmosphere there and prepare yourself because you will entirely get wet. The scenery along the river is also fantastic. You can find many wonderful spots where you can take pictures with your family and friends there. In addition, the river will be a perfect place for those who love carvings and statues. This is one of the tourist locations in Bali that is filled with beautiful carvings by talented Ubud artists.

·  Authentic Bali

Another activity you can enjoy on your private tour of Bali is the trekking authentic Bali. This is a place you should put on your must-visit list when you are on the island. So, why this tourist spot? Well, the Trekking Authentic Bali has been seen as a perfect place for adventurers for a long time. This also will be suitable the most for you who are looking for something different and challenging. This tourist destination comes with eight different trecking routes for the tourists to try. Each route has different difficulty levels that the tourists should complete. Along the trekking route, you will find beautiful sceneries around include greeny rice fields, irrigation areas, settlements, and forests. This is such a perfect place where you can escape from your daily routine and crowds as well as enjoy fresh air you can’t find in a big city where you live.

What to Prepare for the Trekking

When deciding to visit the Trekking Authentic Bali, you need to make sure that you have good stamina since the route is not easy to pass through. Keep in mind to prepare some meals and drinks during the trekking activities. Another thing you should not forget to bring is your camera for the scenery is very great.

·  Kuning Village

Are you a fan of wildlife and outdoor activities? If you are, the Nyah Kuning Village will be a perfect place for you to visit. This tourist destination is located not far from Monkey Forest where you can find hundreds of monkeys live freely and preserved by the local government. Visiting the Nyah Kuning Village will make it possible for you to look closer at the life of Balinese local people. The monkeys can go in and out of the village freely and mingle with the villagers as well as the tourists. You can see how they live in harmony between traditional cultures and modern life.

What to Find There

Nyah Kuning Village is unique and the people there still hold the traditional heritage left by their ancestors firmly while adapting to modern life. The village is developed into a natural tourist destination by the local government. You can still find the natural environment around the village with its rice fields, temples, and traditional houses and arts. Due to its uniqueness, you can’t even find modern building throughout the village. If you are interested in tasting Balinese traditional foods, then you can have lunch in restaurants and food stalls found around the village of Nyah Kuning.

·  Nyah Kuning’s Swing Jungle

But, if you want to do an extreme activity while visiting the Village Nyah Kuning, you can try a swing jungle. This will really challenge your adrenaline since you have to swing at 30 meters height in the jungle not far from the village. There will be a swing suspended over the valleys and forest so you need to forget this idea if you are afraid of height. However, the sensation you get will really worth with the challenge given. You can even take beautiful photos with unique angles while singing.

·  the World’s Most Expensive Coffee in Balinese Plantation

For coffee lovers, you must not miss tasting the most delicious coffee and one of the most expensive in the world directly from the country where it is produced. Luwak Coffee is produced in Indonesia, the country where Bali Island lies. Being produced by involving civets or “luwak” in Bahasa Indonesia, this coffee is considered to be one of the most expensive on Earth due to its delicious taste. You even have to spend about $100 only for tasting a cup of Luwak Coffee in the US. But, in the country where the coffee originally comes from, you can taste it at a much cheaper price. Plus, you can enjoy the delicious taste of the coffee in a place which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air. This is something you can’t find in any other places in the world.

· Adult 12 - 70 years       : $58 per pax ( 2 - 4 people per booking )

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· Kids 2 - 11 years          : $35 per pax 


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