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8 Types of Healthy Water Sports in Bali

8 Types of Healthy Water Sports in Bali

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Bali is an island that has different natural characteristics from other islands in Indonesia. Therefore, Bali there are various places that are very suitable for various sports such as water sports. This is seen by many tourists who exercise water when they visit Bali. There are various types of water sports that you can do when you are on the island of Bali. This article will discuss 8 types of healthy water sports in Bali.

All sports will definitely nourish the body of people who do sports. But this water sport is not only healthy but also fun because it is considered a game on the water. Here are 8 types of healthy water sports in Bali, including:

  • Flying Board

Flying boards are classified as new water sports on various beaches on the island of Bali. But this one water sport is quite popular in Bali. Where this sport can make people fly on board with a push of water.If you are curious, you can try this one water sport when you are vacationing on the island of Bali.

  • Snorkeling

Who doesn’t know snorkeling? This one water sport is very famous and often done by people when visiting the beach. This is also seen when you visit the beaches on the island of Bali. Almost every tourist who enjoys snorkeling sees underwater natural life such as small fish and coral reefs. If you want a comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling then you can snorkel on Tanjung Benoa Beach. This is because the beach has clear water.

  • Sea Walker

One type of water game can also be found on beaches in Bali. Sea Walker is a water sport by walking under the sea. Tourists must use special tools to breathe if they want to do sea walker water games. This exercise allows you to see closely aquatic animals under the sea. If you want to exercise this water, then you must use a special type of waterproof helmet with the aim that you can see directly small fish and coral reefs at the bottom of the sea.

  • Parasailing

Other Bali water sports are Parasailing. Parasailing is a water sport that uses speedboat to draw a parachute umbrella. The time of this game is for one round of about 4 minutes in the air. Parasailing is indeed quite extreme but very fun if you try it.

  • Waterboarding

This Bali water sport also use speedboats to attract people who are on the surfboard. Where the board used for waterboarding is wider than water sports which also uses boards such as watersky and others.

  • Watersky

This Bali water sport like surfing but the difference is that watersky is pulled by speedboad. This one sport is often played by foreign tourists, but for local tourists it doesn’t often play watersky.

  • Jetsky

Many people know about this one sport. This Bali water sport like riding a motorcycle but the difference is jeksky above the water. For jetsky playing time about 20 minutes. If you want to ride a jetsky, but you have never tried it, then you don’t need to worry, you will be accompanied by guides on the coast of Bali.

  • Scuba diving

Scuba diving is also a healthy sport for its users. This Bali water sport help your breathing. For those of you who are affected by respiratory diseases such as asthma. Therefore, for acid sufferers it is recommended to exercise scuba diving. Don’t worry, almost every beach in Bali has equipment for scuba diving. Besides being healthy, scuba diving also allows you to directly see aquatic animals and coral reefs on the sea floor.

Such is the explanation regarding 8 types of healthy water sports in Bali. For those of you who want to plan to visit Bali, you must try the water sports.

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